The Bassoon

The bassoon makes an essential contribution to most instrumental groupings because it supplies the all-important bass line.  But it is also a very lyrical instrument in its own right.  It is even the solo instrument in a number of concertos.

Up to the present, it has not been possible to start to learn to play the bassoon at an early age because of the size (and weight) of the instrument.  And yet it is a shortage instrument and good players are much in demand.  However, there are now some very good bassoons on the market, which are specially designed for younger players, opening up the possibility of starting on the instrument from around the age of 7 years.

If this appeals to you, please contact us as soon as possible.  We are currently writing a new tutor book for young beginners and would be very pleased to hear from you.



Belle Plates

Belle-Plates are the modern equivalent of traditional handbells and the sound is very similar.  Each player can hold one or two bells and the melody and harmonies required to play any piece are shared out between the team members.  This is a fun thing to do (and it is also very good for team building skills and concentration).

You do not need to be able to read music as we have devised a scheme of notation which makes it easy to follow.  You will be surprised by the ease with which you will soon be playing.  As well as our regular team, who meet on Monday mornings, it is also possible to book some tuition for a group at your workplace, or you can come to our centre for a workshop session.  If this interests you, please contact us.