A Call to Risky Living

Extreme sport is not a new phenomenon. Brendan's story has fascinated and inspired countless generations since the monk first set off from Ireland with a group of his friends in the 6th century in exploration of a vision, in search of the Promised Land. For around ten years they sailed the Atlantic Ocean, braving all kinds of dangers, driven on in pursuit of their vision, only returning to Ireland once they had found what they were searching for, and having been persuaded by a messenger to go back to the place from which they had come.

No matter whether you come to this as a person of faith, or of no faith at all; whether you are interested in the historical aspects of the story; are passionate about the sea and sailing; or maybe you simply like a good story; there is something here for you.

It is impossible to untangle the facts of the voyage from the mystical experiences he encountered along the way but, taken as a whole, it represents the life-time journeying of a soul in search of God. As such, it is as relevant today as it was then.

Performances Of The Work

On Brendan’s Day 2015 we enjoyed taking part in a big performance of this work in Windsor.  This involved singers, dancers and orchestra and was conducted by the composer, in the presence of the author.

It is expected that we shall be involved in another performance of the work in May 2016.

CDs of the work, recorded with piano accompaniment in September 2014, are available for £10 per CD either by PayPal, or by sending a cheque made payable to  "Susan Morgan Business Account" at our postal address:

17 Ash Lane,
SL4 4PS.

CDs are also available at all performances of the work.